Apalachicola River Doin' Time
© Dale Crider

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When she leaves the dam at Chattahoochee
Winding in a southern flow
Easy on her way -- another night and day
She'll finally reach the Gulf of Mexico

Apalachicola River Water
In veins of our land
Alligators in her swampy borders
Are a part of nature's plan
Give the word to protect her
Call the technical sector
Soften up the cry to drain the swampland dry
Apalachicola let her wind
Apalachicola strong in mind
Apalachicola flowin' fine--Lord
Apalachicola doin' time

So as we turn the page of natural history
She's windin' in a southern flow
Nursin' in her waves
The oysters in the bays
This is just a part of nature's role

© Dale Crider

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